In the new home market, Grandview Homes stand out as something quite unique and special. Based on timeless and classic home designs of the past, we can create an authentic reproduction home or adapt and modify designs to build a more contemporary style that is less ornate. As they are custom designed, we are able to incorporate your preferred features and styles. Grandview Homes are a locally owned and operated boutique home builders, constructing magnificent weatherboard homes that capture the true Australian feel.

Why Us?

At Grandview Homes, our reputation has been built on our immaculate attention to detail.  There are many reasons why we stand out in the new building market and are very different from the many other builders proclaiming to build similar looking homes.

Skilled Craftsmen

Grandview Homes has a team of fully qualified, highly skilled tradespeople who have many years of experience building our homes. We use the same team of tradespeople on every home we build, unlike many other builders who keep rotating the trades working on your project. All our tradespeople are outstanding craftsmen who are well-aware of our processes and share our commitment to quality. Having the same tradespeople on every project enables us to guarantee that our clients will get a Display Home quality build.

Quality Work – From Start To Finish

Most builders claim to use the best quality materials and tradesmen. A close look during the construction phase however, reveals a totally different picture. Cheaper materials are used and corners are cut to build homes that are literally slapped up. Grandview Homes do things differently! We have an unwavering commitment to quality through all the stages of construction. We stand for nothing less than the highest standards of craftsmanship and quality. Grandview Homes have been building highly detailed, boutique weatherboard homes for over 10 years. From the moment the first sod of soil is turned over on your land to the last day before handover, everything is done to the highest possible standards using only the best available tradespeople and materials. Cheaper builders pride themselves on building a home quickly. Grandview Homes pride themselves on building your home properly! We only build a handful of homes in any one year,properly supervised on a daily basis.

Value For Money

At Grandview Homes, we understand that building your dream boutique home is a big investment for you. Whilst we have an unwavering commitment to quality, we believe that the systems and building methods we have perfected over many years allow us to offer excellent value for money.

‘We create each home with the same attention to detail as though it was my own home’

Andrew May, Director – Grandview Homes

Andrew May
Ph: 0418 815 724
Email: gviewfarm@bigpond.com


Winner Best Display Home 2016 ($350-$500,000 category) SA Master Builders awards.

Won a commendation award in 2010 SA Master Builders (Excellence in a Display Home $300-$500,000).

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