Grandview Homes build homes that reflect the authentic features of weatherboard homes. Our homes don’t just have a fancy facade. We put all of the features and details of the era right around the entire house. This is how homes were built in the 1890’s!


Built To Last

All the features we offer are based on quality and sustainability. If you have something specific in mind, we can accommodate your needs and customize it for you.

Wall Height

The wall height is the most important factor in creating these  magnificent style homes. It is what gives the feeling of grandeur and spaciousness, something that cannot be achieved with 9 or 10 foot ceilings. Our external walls and ceilings are usually 11 feet high (3.3 meters) making them stand out.


We build traditional steep pitched corrugated iron roofs,together with old fashioned barge rolls and Ogee gutters, for that classic Australian look.

Floor Plans

While designing a floor plan for your home, sky is the limit for us. From stunning hallways, large double bedrooms, open plan areas, or classic, traditional 1890’s entrances and Victorian archways – you are only restricted by your imagination!

Skirting Boards & Architraves

Our architraves are 5 inch traditional, late Victorian style. Our skirting boards are either 8 inch or 10 inch. They seem to reinforce the quality of the house compared with the smaller architraves and skirting boards used by most builders.


Over 100 years ago, houses were built with wide verandahs to provide shelter from the long hot summer days. Verandah has always been an integral part of every Australian House. Bullnosed roof, thick stop chamfered posts and wrought iron lacework add a beautiful yet practical charm to the houses. Given today’s South Australian climate, this is just as important now as it was back then!

Windows & Doors

We use solid cedar windows and doors right throughout the home, not just on the front facade.


At Grandview Homes, we love innovating and introducing new elements in our home designs. From solid cedar cricket bat front doors with sidelites and hilites, to Victorian Eaves and Gable brackets, to the hand turned finials completing the authentic facade – we use hand-crafted features to add to the charm of the particular design of your home.

Grandview Homes enjoy the challenge of building a house that suits your needs and have the adaptability to add the little design features that will will make your house whatever design you choose to be a stand out. If we are building a Victorian Weatherboard style home, some other feature elements we use include Victorian cove cornices, timber fretwork to openings, and solid brass door handles for that additional charm in the interiors.

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Display Home: Winner Best Display Home 2016 ($350-$500,000 category) SA Master Builders awards

Previous Display home : Won a commendation award in 2010 SA Master Builders (Excellence in a Display Home $300-$500,000)

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