Weatherboard homes have gained in popularity over the years. Long known in the Eastern states for being durable and energy efficient, an increasing number of South Australians are opting for weatherboard homes.

Grandview Homes has played an integral part in changing this mentality. We were the first and original boutique home builders to build high quality, luxurious weatherboard homes in this state and have been doing so for over a decade now!

Extremely Durable

To some, the thought of a weatherboard home brings images of cracked timber boards that need painting every second year and weekends full of maintenance. However, this is no longer the case! The boards that we use are fibre cement and are almost identical in shape to the old timber weatherboards of past eras with similar height and thickness. These weatherboards are termite, rot and fire resistant.

Additionally, these boards resist shrinking, swelling and cracking. They are designed so as to hold paint longer. You will be surprised to learn that these boards require no more maintenance than a rendered brick or blue-board home.

Energy Efficient

Grandview Homes are focused on building energy efficient homes. Weatherboard homes are extremely energy efficient. In fact, these homes are just as efficient as a brick veneer home if built correctly. By combining good design with quality products, we regularly achieve above 6-star energy efficiency.

Termite Resistant Homes

Grandview Homes use the best termite system on the market making our homes completely termite resistant, giving you total peace of mind.

‘We create each home with the same attention to detail as though it was my own home’

Andrew May, Director – Grandview Homes

Andrew May
Ph: 0418 815 724
Email: gviewfarm@bigpond.com


Winner Best Display Home 2016 ($350-$500,000 category) SA Master Builders awards.

Won a commendation award in 2010 SA Master Builders (Excellence in a Display Home $300-$500,000).

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